Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Product Review - Dabur baby massage oil

      Babies brings smile and joy to family. A baby's smile gets rid of all our sorrow. If we were in a low mood , babies speech or a smile heightens the mood.
       Babies skin are delicate and it to be given utmost care. I was so happy when i was selected for the activity in blogadda . I want to use it on our family's little angel , she was ten months old. She was the daughter of my sister and co - blogger.
      My mom uses coconut oil and gingelly oil to massage little angel. Daily massaging and bathing babies with lukewarm water helps strengthen bones and muscles.
     There are so many brands of massaging oil. we didn't use any , as we fear that it might contain any artificial agents.

     Dabur is a well known brand in India , so without any hesitate we used it on little angel.
     Dabur baby massage oil came in a sealed pet bottle , covered with a beautiful outer cover. I liked the cute elephant picture. with the transparent container it is easy to view the whole bottle of oil.
   The oil is pale yellow in color it may be due to the color of olive oil and almonds. The fragrance resembles the smell on new babies.

    The oil is free of chemicals like paraffin and parabeen. It is made of natural products like natural oil from sunflower , sesame , olive , almond and jojoba.
     It also contains antioxidants like tocopheryl acetate and TBHQ.
     It was dermatologically tested and free from artificial colors.

   Dabur baby massage oil comes in a sealed pet bottle of 100ml which is priced at INR RS 110 /- . The self life of oil is 24 months from manufacture date.

Review about the oil :
       The fragrance was so pleasing for both baby and the massager. My sister massaged her for the past ten days.
       She massages the oil on little angel , leave it for five to ten minutes. Then bathe her with luke warm water.
      After the massage little angel sleeps well.

   The product is worth for the cost.


I am writing about Dabur Baby Massage Oil with the goodness of olive and almond for the #FirstLove activity at BlogAdda.

Recieved Flipkart voucher worth INR 1000/- .


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