Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Black is Beautiful

      Really black is beautiful. Black is a color which we have in our eyes and hair. When we have a kajal or an eyeliner in black , that makes our eyes more beautiful and attractive.  
 Black is regarded as beauty , since we know that queen Cleopatra was black .
 Many won't like black .Black color is also considered as good sign. Even though , when we wore a black dress , we will be seen separately in a group of people.
 I already have black dress , so i want to have the below things in black.
 The 5 things which i want to have in Black are 
1. iPhone
   I want my phone to be in my favorite color.
2.Head phone  
 I spend most of my times hearing to music , so i want my head phone to be in black.

3. Mug  
I want to start my day with this black coffee mug.
4. Black iPad  

My iPad in my favorite color.
5. Black Audi

 If we have a black car , it will seek everyone attention , when we drove. 
  Wish to have these things soon...........
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