Tuesday, November 10, 2009

mango sweet rice

Rice 4 cups
ripe mango or mango pulp 4 or 5
ghee 5 sp
cashew 2 sp, raisins 2 sp.
sugar 2 cups
cardamom 1/2 sp.

Mash mango well in mixie and extract the pulp without that fiber. Measure it and if it is 2 cups, then dont have to add any water.

Meanwhile, fry nuts and raisins in ghee. Keep aside. In the remaining ghee, add rice, fry for a couple of mts and add sugar, mango pulp. Pressure cook like our usual rice. finally, add cardamom powder.

Some points to note:

If the mango is really sweet, can reduce the amt of sugar; so, add half of the sugar while cooking and after cooking is done, taste and then, add more if you want.

If you want it to be very soft, like sarkarai pongal, cook the rice separately; mash, then add the mango pulp, sugar etc. and proceed as usual.

Either way, the taste will be quite decent.

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