Sunday, December 31, 2017

Litti Choka - Famous Traditional Bihari snack


Litti Chokha , a traditional dish of Bihar served as an evening snack . In this Litti are served with chokha made of potato , brinjal and tomato .History says Litti was eaten by the peasants and farmers of Bihar.

For the December 2017 , Ssshhhh secretly cooking , I was paired with Archana Potdar of The Mad Scientist's Kitchen . She gave me the secret ingredients as sattu and . I was delighted to try out this Litti along with Chokha. This was a wonderful snack and everyone in our family liked it.

According to Wikipedia , Litti , along with chokha is a complete meal originated from the indian subcontinent and popular in Indian states of bihar , Jharkhand , parts of eastern Uttar Pradesh as well as Nepalese state of Madhesh.

It is a dough ball made up of whole wheat flour and stuffed with sattu ( roasted chickpea flour ) mixed with herbs and `spijces and then roasted over coal  or cow dung cakes or wood then it is tossed with  lots of ghee . It may be eaten with  yogurt , baigan bharta , alu bharta and papad. The litti are traditionally baked over a cow dung fire.

 Herbs and spices used to flavor the litti include onion , garlic , ginger , coriander leaves , lime juice , carom seeds , nigella seeds  and salt . Tasty pickles can also be used to add spice flavor.

 In the western Bihar and Eastern Uttar Pradesh , litti is served with murgh Korma .

Litti was a war food , it is carried by the soldiers in ancient time along with dry sattu powder. Litti can last for day and it gives us protein , carbohydrates and other minerals . It could be consumed on long march or during rest hours . Litti helps body retain water content of the body if consumed with Jaggery.

As I can’t find dried cow dung , I baked the littis in the oven.

Requirements : 

For Litti : 

2 cup Wholewheat flour 
1 Tbs Ghee 
Half tsp salt 
1 cup Water 

For Litti Filling :   

1 cup Sattu ( Roasted Bengalgram flour ) 
1 tsp cumin seeds 
1 Tsp Fennel seeds 
1 tsp carom seeds 
1/2 tsp Onion Seeds 
1 tsp red chilli powder 
2 finely chopped green chilli 
1 tsp finely chopped Ginger 
1 tsp finely chopped garlic
2 tbs chopped coriander 
2 tbs lemon juice 
2 tbs vegetable oil 
water as required 
salt to taste

For Tamatar Chokha : 

5 medium  tomato 
2 Green chilli 
4 cloves Garlic
4 tbs chopped coriander leaves
2 tbs lemon Juice
salt to taste 
For Aloo Chokha : 
3 Potato 
1 onion 
3 Green chilli 
4 cloves garlic
1/2 of Lemon Juice 
2 tbs chopped Coriander leaves 
salt to taste

For Serving : 


Making of Litti : 
Outer Covering of Litti : 

In a bowl , mix together whole wheat flour , salt and ghee. Sprinkle little water at a time and mix well. 

Knead a soft and supple dough. Let it rest for 30 minutes. 

Stuffing of Litti : 

I like using the spices as a whole , so while eating when you bite the spices it will be a nice punch. 

You can use a morter to crush the spices and add , if you don't like to bite them. 

In a bowl , add the sattu , cumin , fennel , carom , onion seeds and mix well. 

To this add the red chilli powder , salt , chopped coriander leaves , green chilli , ginger and garlic. While mixing , just crush these ingredients with your hand to infuse the flavor. 

Now , add the lemon juice and vegetable oil . Mix all the ingredients well. 

The mixture may seem dry , sprinkle little water and mix well till you feel moisture in the sattu mixture. 

If this mixture is dry , it will be even more dry after the baking of litti. So make sure the sattu mixture is somewhat moist. 

Shaping of Litti : 

Divide the whole wheat dough in to small balls.
You can use roti press to flatten the dough balls.

I shaped with hands , to a cup and placed a spoonful of stuffing of sattu mixture and sealed the edges and shaped to a round ball. 

Repeat the same for the remaining dough.
Arrange the prepared litti on the baking tray and brush melted butter on them.

Bake on the preheated oven @ 200*C for 30 - 40 minutes or till the the outer covering of litti became brown. 

After half of the baking time , turn over the littis to other side , so  the whole of the litti is cooked evenly.

Making of Tamatar Chokha : 


Tamatar means Tomato in Hindi .Grill the Tomatoes, when they crack and charred , take off flame. 

Let it cool and peel off the skin and chop roughly.
Add chopped green chilli , Garlic , coriander leaves and lemon juice.
Add salt as required.
Mix well, Tamatar chokha is ready.

Making of Aloo Chokha : 


Aloo means Potato in Hindi . 
Boil the potates, peel off the skin. 
Mash the potatoes. Add the chopped onion , green chilli , Garlic , coriander leaves , salt and lemon juice. Mix all well.
Aloo Chokha is ready.

Serving of Litti : 

Serve the Littis with a bowl of each chokha along with a bowl of melted ghee.

Note : 

As , the roasted bengal gram flour ( sattu ) is not available in my place , i grounded the roasted bengal gram to fine powder on my own. 

Some add carom and nigella ( onion ) seeds to the dough for outer covering , I kept mine as plain dough. 


  1. I also made litti chokha for this challenge and since then I have made it thrice.. lovely dish !

  2. Litti chokha, cant ask more. Fantastic plating there sis.

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  4. My neighbor sent me some litti chokha and since then have fallen in love with this dish. Though a bit laborious I love making it. Reading about litti facts is an eye opener for me.