Thursday, February 23, 2017

Open – Eyed Meditation #Book Review

  Open Eyed Meditation by Shubha Vilas . Open eyed meditation – practical wisdom for everyday life.


  Shubha Vilas was the author of this book. I had read his previous two books on Ramayana- The Game of Life. I liked his narration style and came to know many new details about Ramayana. 

  The front cover with a colourful picture with the colours of Rainbow was wonderful.

   Meditation has been originated in India and now many forms of meditations has been formulated. Meditation was the secret for the power and health of rishis and sadhus.

 Meditation essentially means perceiving deeper truths from within. Open eyed meditation is a collection of thoughts about various aspects of life that is purely inspired by observing the world through the lenses of the Vedic epics.

The word yoga means wholesome connection. Yoga is synonymous with health. Yoga of interaction involves pulling the mind away from self while empathetically 

    A complex mind analyses every small detail with a magnifying glass.
  Face is the mirror of the mind . We can see a Tejus on the face of those meditate , it was from their clear state of mind which reflects on their face. 

  The author had talked about scenes from Ramayana and Mahabarata to explain each concept of open Eyed Meditation.
  People with weak self Image look for constant approval from others to improve their self image. 

  Sharing Keeps knowledge fresh and fragrant whereas stored knowledge becomes stagnant and stale - Excellent saying.

The work - in for the mind is to push against the weight of thinking ''I don't need anyone " and pull in positive love . This is achieved by meditation alone.

   Perfect people are unpopular and boastful . Perfection is just a mask to hide the underlying fear of being inferior.

  Enjoy success privately and celebrate failure publically.

Horrors of Horoscope - Horoscope gives us control over our fears - fears about future or failure. Horoscope predictions can never be accurate or final like weather forecast. 

Diwali Meditations 
    six Sparklers in your life

Winning Up
Let Go

  Diwali essentially means being determined to illuminate our lives by understanding that you win by accomadating others and by letting go of their lapses while being indebted to the contributions of many.

  Jealousy eats away one's peace of mind. The counter-  balance for jealousy is self - acceptance. The need is to become aware that real success is in accepting the weakness and not getting disturbed.

  Peace and joy cannot be purchased by forcing others to love us more but by hating our self less.

  Forgiveness is the sign of being concerned about the future and hatred is the sign of being stuck to the past.

  The book has many reviews by great authors and spritual persons. There are about 64 chapters covered in 279 pages . The book is truely a practical wisdom for everyday life. 

   The above quotes are from the book which were so meaningful and has to be followed. 

  Before pointing others about their mistake , we must look into our self image and has to realise how we have been till now..........
  Self Realisation is the key in all  the meditations . 

  A great book for everyday life's practical wisdom. I give five out of five stars for this book. 

  The author has narrated the book well with examples from the historical epics of India - Ramayana and Mahabaratha for each chapter. The language used was simple and easily understandable to everyone.

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