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Book Review - The Game of Life - Shattered Dreams

      I am going to review about the book Shattered Dreams. Shubha vilas is the author of this book. This book was the second in the series of Ramayana – The Game of Life.
              As we all know the story of Ramayana , still i want to say about the important events depicted in this part of book.

“Convenience is about changing the law to suit your life but maturity is about changing your life to salute the law”
― Shubha VilasShattered Dreams


The Story of shattered dreams starts with dhasaradha’s  had a nightmare and wake in the middle of the night. He decided to coronate Rama as king of Ayodhya.

          In the morning while he was entering the court to announce his decision, we were told about the story behind his name – DHASARADHA – Ten chariot hero ,his actual name was Nemi . How he killed Sambarasura and for what he had given kaikeyi two boons which are going to change the future of Ayodhya.

          The story behind how peacock got its beautiful feather was revealed as that Indira , King of demigods was saved by a peacock from being captured by Ravana. So Indira gave the peacocks their beautiful feathers as a gift.

          The book reveals how a loveable mother like Kaikeyi can transform into a adamant women in fulfilling her wishes after hearing poisonous words of Manthara. Even manthara did this to take revenge for the arrow struck on her back which was shot by rama , when he was a small boy.

          Before  leaving to the forest Rama’s words to Lakshmana – Highest dharma or duty of a son is to obediently follow his father’s orders – True and must be followed by this generation people .
          Sita was a wonderful women , she followed her husband to forest with him , even though he insisted her to stay in ayodhya.
          Lakshmana by accompanying Rama and Sita to forest sacrificed his comfort , his wife , his wealth , even his desires. His mother Sumatra and wife Urmila were glad to allow him to serve his brother and his wife.

          Lakshmana even sacrificed his sleep for Fourteen years. Instead of him, his wife slept for him in the morning and during night for her.
Guha , the King of Tribes came to serve Rama in the forest.

          When Bharata and Satrugana came to know that their brothers and sita went to forest and their Father died , they were heartbroken.Along with them the 353 queens , many citizens of ayodhya went in search of the Trio in the forest. They dressed in deer skin without silk clothes.

When they found them, they informed about their father’s death after their travel to forest and asked the Trio to return to Ayodhya.

Rama refused the request and said that he has to fulfill his father’s wish. Rama did the last rituals for his father.

Rama advised Bharata to go to ayodhya and rule as its king. But bharatha insisted that if he rules , it will be cheating of him towards Rama. So he requested Rama’s  footwear.
When Rama gave him his footwear , he carried it in his head with much pleasure. He and satrugana built a hut on the outskrits of ayodhya and kept the footwear of Rama on the Throne and will be ruling the ayodhya for the next fourteen years.
With this the story of the Shattered Dreams end.

This book was a must to read for those who are interested in epics . The book was with 387 pages and cover picture with dhasaratha in a chariot and the sleeping pose of Rama was so beautiful.
The book costs INR RS : 350/- , it was so reasonable.

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