Monday, December 1, 2014

Mint Mutton chops / Pudina Mutton

  This is flavorful mutton curry with the flavor of mint. Mint leaves / Pudhina as called in tamil is used in Indian, Pakistani and Arabic cooking.

   Mint leaves are good for our body, we must have this at least once in a week.
 This recipe is from a tamil cookbook for non-vegetarian recipes.

    I made this mutton curry for our lunch and we had with plain rice.
    Mutton as the lamb is called in India is my favorite as we can eat fleshy pieces without bone . 
     I had already shared some of mutton recipes
                    version - 2
 The mutton pieces were juicy and well cooked.

Requirements :
Boneless Mutton/ Lamb – ½ kg
Curd – ¼ cup
Oil – 1 tbs
For Mint Masala :
 Mint leaves – 1 large cup
Grated coconut – ¼ cup
Green chilli – 4 – 5 ( according to spice level )
Ginger – 1’’ piece
Garlic – 5 cloves
Cinnamon – a small stick
Cloves – 2
Salt to taste

Method :
 Grind all the ingredients under mint masala to a fine paste.

In a bowl add the washed mutton pieces , grounded masala and mix well.

Let it be for 15 – 20 minutes.
Heat oil in a pressure cooker , add the chopped onion , sauté till it turns translucent.

Now , add the marinated mutton along with leftover masala.
Add about ¼ cup of water and required salt.

Close the lid and cook for 3 whistles.
Let the pressure lowers and open the lid.
If the curry seems watery bring to boil till the required consistency.
As we had with plain rice , I kept in a thick gravy consistency.

Mint mutton chops is ready to be served.

Serve along with plain rice , Brinji rice , phulka , roti or Dosa.


  1. wow dear gravy is looking just delicious :) best goes with garlic naan yumy

  2. Wow!!! Greeny Greeny mutton gravy!!yum yum