Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kongunadu recipes – Rendez Vous with a Foodie


    Kongunadu recipes for Rendez Vous with a foodie . It was the guest post series started by Priya akka of Priya’s Versatile Recipes.


Being from the kongu region , I want to post kongu recipes for this guest post. Hope some of you know about the cuisine. Here is a short introduction…….
  Kongunadu cuisine is the cuisine of the kongu region of the Tamil nadu. Kongu region covers salem , nammakal , erode , Coimbatore , Tiruppur , pollachi and 30 more places of tamilnadu. In olden days , most of the people in the region are farmers doing agriculture as our region is well fertile and well irrigated.
 Nowadays along with farming , other like textile mills , automobile industries , educational institutions and so on…..
 Cuisine of the region usually made with the farming products get from their own land like mostly uses coconut, country vegetables like Ridge gourd, brinjal, bottlegourd, snake gourd, legumes and pulses, poultry, lamb and so on.
 I had posted few of the recipes in my blog. Check here….

  The recipes which I had posted are
   Pachaipayaru sadham
    Ragi Pakoda

Kachayam – a crunchy sweet snack made with the batter of maida , sugar , banana and cardamom powder , deep fried in oil. This was a signature recipe of kongu cuisine.

Pachaipayaru sadham – a rice preparation made with rice , whole moong dhal / green gram dhal and some spices. It will be a excellent one pot meal , specific to our region.

Ragi pakoda – crispy pakoda made with the batter made of finger millet flour , onion , green chillies , curry leaves and drumstick leaves. Adding drumstick leaves to the pakodas are unique to our region.

Check her space for the full recipes………


  1. Thanks a ton for making this fabulous foods Sis, loved ur guest post.

  2. so amazing to see traditional recipes dear...wonderful saranya

  3. Hi Sharanya! I have an award for you, do check out my blog!

  4. Lovely guest post dear.. So nice to have included authentic & traditional recipes :)