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Meditate your weight - Book Review


   A 21- Day Retreat to optimize your metabolism and feel great by Tiffany Cruikshank.


The mind Body Connection

 Our mind lives in our nervous system and the nervous system is present in our body – Relation. When we neglect to pay attention to the mind body connection , we might do everything right.

Meditate your weight Program

  This 21 day program is a structured , progressive and mind training sequence.
                     Part 1 – crash course of Meditation
                     Part 2 –  21 day Retreat

Meditation - The Master Habit

   Meditation can support almost any effort to improve health. Meditation is first and foremost mental practice. Meditation is a means of training your mind.
    The practice of meditation is actually very simple. It almost supports any effort to improve health. Mindfulness techniques can reduce food cravings and enhance weight loss.

    Meditation is first and foremost, a mental practice. Meditation is a means of training your mind.

    Meditation has an amazing way of making everything more conscious. Meditation helps you tune into your hunger. It helps you manage your energy level.

  Meditation changes your brain’s reaction to stress and keeps the body young.

21 Day Retreat

  Meditation schedule

  Days  1to 3 – 3 minutes
  Days 4 to 19 – 5 minutes
  Days 10 to 15 – 7 minutes
  Days  16 to 20 – 10 minutes
  Days 21 forward 12 minutes

Day 1 – Awareness

   Mind Makeover Exercises

Day 2 – Presence

 Notice the streaming of  breath inside of the nose . Notice the temperature of outside of nose.

Day 3 – Authenticity

Write down your strengths and your challenges.

Day 4 – Cravings
 What are the foods or things that you crave on a regular basis .

Day 5 – Nourishment

 How do you take time daily to nourish yourself

Day 6 – Food as Fuel

 Recall the foods you ate yesterday . write down everything you can remember eating.

Plan the fuel for next 24 hours.

Day 7 – Vitality
 Energy level is one way to quickly get a sense of whether or not you’re feeding your machine the right things.

Day 8 – Stress Proofing
  In this meditation practice , we are trying to use a observer’s mind set to broaden the gap between a trigger and our response.

Day 9 -  Self Limiting Beliefs
  The secret to overcoming self limiting expectations that root down into beliefs is simply becoming conscious of them.

Day 10 – Radiance
 After visualization and really acknowledging that there is sense of health inside you , choose your food differently.

Day 11 – Self – Esteem

 Notice how your intelligence emerges through your unique strengths , both in your work and in your life.

 Day 12 – Love

   As you inhale  , breathing naturally , visualize love coming into your body . Then , on the exhale , visualize allowing that love to settle into your bones.
Day 13 – Feeling Capable
  Committing to simple changes and not having to be perfect make us healthier all around. And help us feel capable.

Day 14 -  Perfectionism

  Visualize your imperfections. It may be  physical or an aspect of your personality.

Day 15 -  Living your potential

  Think of three positive things you will experience during the day to come.

Day 16 – Embracing Your Beauty

  Write down your natural beauty assets. Is it your nose or smile.

Day 17 – Loving your Body

 How can you embrace sexy – whether it’s yourlooks , your clothes , the way you talk , the way you connect with people.

Day 18 – Already Home

  Once we visualize a goal , and we believe we will achieve it , we start to consciously and subconsciously change our behavior to create that reality.

Day 19 -  Strength

  Character is the source of our inner strengths. What are your inner strengths , both in work and in life .

Day 20 – Commitment

 Write about one simple change that you can commit to for the next 30 days.

Day 21 -  Clarity and Purpose

   What is your untapped potential that you’re waiting to share with the world .

Eating Rules :

Eat slowly , chew your food thoroughly and enjoy the act of nourishing yourself.

Stop eating when you are 75 percent full.

Try not to go longer than 3 to 4 hours between meals.

Do not eat after 8 pm.

Limit your fluid intake with meals , as it dilutes gastric enzymes.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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