Monday, February 27, 2012

Valaipoo karakulambu( plantainflower in tamarind sauce )

 Plantainflower is very good for young girls and womens. We must have this atleast once in a week. This kulambu will best go with plain rice , dosa / idli.
Requirements :
Plaintain flower ( chopped ) – 1 cup
Onion – 1
Garlic – 4 cloves
Chilly powder – 1 tbs
Coriander powder – 1 tbs
Coconut paste – 2 tbs
Tamarind paste – 2 tbs
Sesame oil – 1 tbs

Method :

Heat oil add onion and curry leaves.
Add chopped plantainflower and sauté for few minutes.
Add chilly powder and coriander powder.
Add the tamarind paste , a cup of water and salt to taste.
When the plantain flowers are cooked, add coconut paste and allow to boil.
Gravy is ready to serve.
Serve with plain rice , idli , dosa or roti.
Non oven white cookies ( panchu sweet )
 This sweet I read in a cookery book. It is easy to make within thirty minutes. It will be made with the ingredients available in home.

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